Gifted Students Realize Veterinary Calling Early

How old were you when you decided you wanted to be an astronaut, fireman or a samurai? Most people decide on their first professions pretty early in life. The trouble is, it usually is something that is so fantastic or out of reach, it rarely comes to be.

I remember when I was a child, my first career pursuit was a truck driver because, hey, according to B.J. & The Bear, truck drivers had super-cool looking rigs, they fought crime and they had pet monkeys! Who would pass that kind of life up? A fool, that’s who!

But recently, I ran across an article about a 4-H program that helps people as young as 8 years old gain practical work experience in the field of Veterinary Assisting. This basic job training program allows interested kids with professional ambitions do everything from feed and groom pet patients of the veterinary clinic, to doing more specialized things such as preparing vaccines and administering medicines.

Ruby Lira, one of the programs gifted participants says, “We have homework each week and have activities to complete, as well as the hours we work with the vets. Occasionally, I follow the lead vet, who treats the large animals,” Ruby said. “Then I get to see lots of cool stuff!”

Johnathan Rogers, a 4-H agent says, “The 4-H Veterinary Science Project is a five-year curriculum-based project with 100 lessons and 50 activities that gives youth interested in veterinary medicine opportunities to work in the field.”

According to the project description at The 4-H Veterinary Science Project this is a program similar to many others around the country designed to give kids memorable experiences as they begin forming their critical thinking processes. When they’re older and looking for the right college, this type of program also serves as quite a resume booster.

So, if you ever wondered if you had the right stuff to do the job of your dreams as a kid, there might actually be a program in place near you, ready to explore!

Are you interested in veterinary technician courses? Find a great school near you that features that program, or check into this site and see if your local 4-H club offers something similar!

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  1. Veterinary says:

    Being a vet its a tough task both controlling the needs of business as well as the pet your caring for.

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