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Building a greener way of life

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Today, thanks to many individuals’ resourcefulness and creativity, people are finding ways to bring environmental-friendliness to many aspects of life. As the cost of utilities continues to rise, and as people discover new initiatives that can help sustain our planet, green construction can make a big difference.

One company is already leading the way toward greener living spaces. Clayton Homes, based in Tennessee has developed what it is calling the i-house, an ultra-modern, eco-friendly living space. And its space-age design is already catching eyes every time an i-house pops up in a new city.

So what makes the i-house so friendly to Mother Nature? The designers of this house were inspired by the words the “i” in “i-house” stands for: innovation, inspiration, intelligence and integration. Letting these principles guide them, the i-house’s creators designed a home with features such as a tankless water heater, solar panels, a rain water collection system, Earth-friendly bamboo floors and decks made out of recycled materials.

While the concept of the i-house may still be in the early stages of gaining popularity, green construction projects in general are on the rise. Corporations and individuals alike are continuing to find new advantages to living and working in green spaces.

If you’re already interested in a construction-related career, consider how your skills can contribute to a greener way of life for people all over the country. Check out the construction programs near you and get started on a career that’ll let you create projects Mother Nature will love!

*This website has pictures of the i-house in case you want to include them with the blog:

Cold Career Prospects? Hot Jobs With Low Requirements

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

It doesn’t always take a Bachelor’s degree and a huge student loan plan to land a job that puts you in demand. Here’s some careers that are in fields that need qualified people now, that you can train for in just months.

Don’t worry – hurry! You can get a new and exciting direction with great earning power quicker than you think!

The Continuing Expansion of Health Care

Even with retirees coming back on the job for specialized positions like Practical Nursing, there is still room for almost anyone coming out of training with a certification.

Some of the jobs that require less training don’t pay spectacular salaries, but they do offer a steady, recession-proof earning plan for those who need it to pay bills and mortgages.

According to the American Society for Clinical Pathology, half of all laboratories and medical facilities in the U.S. struggle to hire qualified technicians. Lack of awareness of the profession is a key factor in the shortage of applicants for these “under the radar” jobs, but salaries and prospects are expected to continue rising.

Physician assistant

Two-year training program, and at least two years of college; license exam

    • Salary: $62,000

X-ray diagnostic technician

Associate’s degree, or 1-year certificate in diagnostic radiography

    • Salary: $48,170

Pharmacy technician

Short-term certification coursework in chemistry, biology, and statistics; state certification and license tests required

    • Salary: $28,000

Manufacturing Job Shift

The U.S. manufacturing industry is restructuring, but during this shift there are some booming job prospects for those with a specialized technical background.

Lower-skilled positions are going away, but highly skilled jobs in manufacturing are in great demand now, and require only vocational training and an apprenticeship.

Although the number of jobs in these fields is projected to decline slightly over the next seven years, skilled professionals will have excellent opportunities, according to the BLS. That’s due to the limited number of people entering training programs and employers’ difficulty in finding workers with the necessary skills and knowledge.

CAD Drafter or CNC programmer

Two-year degree at a technical or career college, or vocational degree work and apprenticeship

    • CAD Drafter Salary: $43,700
    • CNC Programmer Salary: $44,000

Financial Services Still Forging Ahead

Even amid the industry shakeout, financial analysts and financial planners still have plenty of opportunities. The same goes for Accounting school graduates, who can literally find a position anywhere that a business and customer exchange money that needs to be recorded.

CPA‘s with Bachelor’s degrees will definitely find the most prospects and better salaries, but in accounting, the name of the game is experience. Getting a quick 9-month to 24-month certification of associate degree could get you in on the ground floor of many different areas of the financial industry.

Financial analysts are employed by a variety of industries. However, you may want to consider self-employment, as the salary is higher than incorporated employees.

Accounting (CPA)

Associate degree for entry-level work, Bachelor’s degree in finance for CPA stature

    • CPA Salary $56,000
    • Accountant Salary $38,000

Financial analyst

Bachelor’s degree in finance preferred, but not required

    • Incorporated Financial Analyst Salary: $48,000
    • Self-employed Financial Analyst Salary: $63,000

Top 5 ways Technical Schools make education work for you

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Making the decision to continue education can be difficult. There are so many ways education can better your future, but there are also obstacles blocking you from receiving the training you need to succeed. But there is good news! Technical Schools are continually pushing their curriculum, schedules and teaching techniques to become more student friendly. This opens up the opportunity for education to more people than ever before. Here’s how:

  1. Hands-on training. Not every student learns by sitting in a classroom and reading a book. Technical schools provide students with well rounded education that include classroom work and hands-on training. This can allow students to graduate from their technical school with real life experience in their career field.
  2. Flexibility. More and more students are getting the opportunity to attend school because of the flexible hours many technical schools provide. With technical schools you can have a full-time job or raise a family and still get a certificate.
  3. Fast growing career fields. Technical schools provide training for fast growing career fields. Today’s students don’t have the time or money to spend on a degree that will take them nowhere.  Technical schools offer focused training for careers that are in-demand.
  4. Industry experienced teachers. Students want teachers that truly understand what is happening in their industry. They value experience as one of the most important attributes of a teacher. Most technical school programs are taught by instructors with years of real-world experience.
  5. Financial assistance. One factor that is making education a reality for students everywhere is financial assistance. Many technical schools work hard for accreditation so students can qualify for financial aid. Other technical schools might have financial plans they offer students.

Technical school can make education work for you! Find a school in your area that has the benefits you need by searching Technical Schools Guide now.

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