Technical School Training Length

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to complete some of’s most popular programs and begin your new career? While program length depends on state and school, here are some rough estimates of how long you could plan on training for various programs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Dental Assistant – as little as 4 to 6 months

HVAC Technician – as little as 6 months

Motorcycle and Small Engine Mechanic – as little as 6 months

Court Reporter – usually less than a year


Medical Assistant – usually 2 years for an associate degree

Dental Hygienist – 2 years for an associate degree to 4 years for a Bachelor’s degree

Electrician – certification plus up to 4 years of apprenticeship

Parole Officer – up to 4 years for a Bachelor’s degree

Before you assume that a shorter program length is always better, consider this – fields which require more training often have less competition once you’re on the job. So your chances of finding employment may increase with longer program lengths.

The bottom line is, though – do what makes you happy. Even if you’re in school for 4 years, that’s only a fraction of how long you’ll be in your career … so it should be one that makes you happy. Which career field would make you happy? Search for it by state, school, or program now!

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