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Cooking for a cause

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Shelters across the country are giving back in more ways than you think. Through the Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations, chefs are reaching across the soup aisle and are offering culinary training to unemployed and underemployed people wanting to learn the trade.

This is a great initiative to help improve people’s lives as well as give them the skills they need to find a new career. Chefs go to the shelter to not only feed the needy but to help train them in the culinary arts. There is no official tally of the trained chefs working in these shelters, their numbers could be as many as 500, according to the American Culinary Federation. An increasing number of these chefs are also offering culinary training to people at the shelter.

How are you helping your community? Technical Schools Guide wants to know!

Health Care – It is in the News and It is a Fresh Career Start

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Health care reform is an important issue our country is facing today. But aside from pundits talking about it endlessly on TV news programs, how does it really fit into our daily life? Experts say, it’s still a great place to find a job.

Don’t have previous healthcare experience? Don’t worry. Hospitals around the country are hiring. Last year, hospitals added 135,000 new jobs, and 19,400 more in the first half of 2009. Health care industry experts the demand for workers to keep growing in the near future. But with such a high number of open positions, this need can’t be completely filled by people who already work in health care-related jobs.

What does that mean for you? If you work in an industry that’s hurting in the current recession, there might be a health care opening just for you!

So, if you have valuable experience in another career field, don’t count yourself out of a new health care career. Medical and health care technical schools offer great programs that are a fast way to enter a new career field. You can combine your previous professional experiences with your training in a medical field such as medical assisting, medical billing and coding, X-ray technology, and more.

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TSG Career Highlight: Electrician and Energy Trades

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Electrician and energy trade careers are expected to continue growing. There will be many opportunities in this industry as a large number of electricians retire and green energy companies continue making ambitious plans. The most common way to break into this industry is through education which is usually followed by an apprenticeship.

Electrician careers
Electricians generally focus on a construction or maintenance career although there are several who do both. Electricians who specialize in construction primarily install wiring systems in factories, businesses and new homes. Those who focus on maintenance generally fix and upgrade electrical systems and repair electrical equipment.

Career opportunities
The more experience an electrician has, the more opportunities come their way. Electricians can become supervisors, project managers, construction superintendents and more. There is also the option to become a business owner, although this does require a special electrical contractor’s license.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, the median hourly earnings of wage and salary electrician were $20.97. The lowest %10 earned around $12.71 and highest 10% earned around $34.95.

Becoming an electrician
A rewarding electrician or energy career starts with the right education. If you’re interested in becoming an electrician, search our database for a school near you now.


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