Cooking for a cause

Shelters across the country are giving back in more ways than you think. Through the Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations, chefs are reaching across the soup aisle and are offering culinary training to unemployed and underemployed people wanting to learn the trade.

This is a great initiative to help improve people’s lives as well as give them the skills they need to find a new career. Chefs go to the shelter to not only feed the needy but to help train them in the culinary arts. There is no official tally of the trained chefs working in these shelters, their numbers could be as many as 500, according to the American Culinary Federation. An increasing number of these chefs are also offering culinary training to people at the shelter.

How are you helping your community? Technical Schools Guide wants to know!

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  1. Paul says:

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  2. Rubin Me says:

    OMG! I I came across this site on google. this is really great stuff! I have bookmarked. I will be back!

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