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Jobless Rate Meter – Where Do You Rank?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

It’s been proven in study after study – a college education both improves earning power throughout your lifetime, and also helps move you out of unemployment lines faster. The difference in salary between merely earning a high school diploma and an Associate degree is interesting. The difference between earning a diploma and a Bachelor’s degree can be massive.

Earlier this spring, the national numbers of jobless had begun to rise quickly, if expectedly. Then they kept going right on through the summer. Then they hit double digits as the number of people losing work hit decade highs, then generational highs. But what we were watching all these months was an national average estimate, not the hard numbers.

Shan Carter, Amanda Cox and Kevin Quealy, three reporters from the New York Times, decided to take a closer look. They based their investigation on four simple classifications: race, sex, age and education level. What they found is that the national unemployment average was anything but average for some types of people. Some of the statistics they uncovered may shock you, especially when it comes to high school dropouts.

Visit the link, dial up your stats and have a look.
Don’t like what you see?
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