Some of the Fastest Growing Jobs Do Not Require Advanced Degrees

The fastest growing jobs in America are heavy in technology and personal care careers, and typically require some advanced education for workers to qualify for them. In fact, tech careers make up at least a few of the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the US, that require degrees, over the next 4 to 8 years.

Of jobs that require some post-secondary education like specialized certificate, diploma and degree programs that are often offered at technical schools, many are assistant jobs, mechanical and electronic jobs and personal care jobs like cosmetology and massage.

Opportunities abound over the next decade for those who get further education, whether they choose to earn a degree or whether they opt for courses that are designed as job training and a way to start a new career.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the fastest growing careers over the next 8 years that require only some secondary training or a 2-year degree include things like:

•    Skin care specialists that do things like give facials and massages
•    HVAC repair technicians and installers
•    Legal assistants and paralegals
•    Fitness instructors and aerobics trainers
•    Dental hygienists

This is great news for those who don’t have the desire or the time to attend 4-year universities but prefer the convenience and fast-track education you can get at career colleges.

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2 Responses to “Some of the Fastest Growing Jobs Do Not Require Advanced Degrees”

  1. Celia Acres says:

    I hope that people dont just decide to give this article a quick view…i highly encourage you readers to look at it thouroghly it is very helpful and you will not find a better write up anywhere

  2. Advance degrees are good when you already have a stable job and decided to pursue further studies. But in the case of still looking for a job, I suggest to going for those skilled jobs. Diploma and technical course would have better chances of landing you a job.

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