The Dos and Donts of Facebook when it comes to careers

We all know the horror stories that are rampant when it comes to facebook and jobs. However, there are positive ways to use the social networking site to potentially grab a job. Of course, facebook is a double-edged sword. Use it the wrong way and potential employers wont even consider looking twice.

Some positive ways to use facebook to help in your job search include:
-    Posting previous employment information.
-    Having a friendly, personalized profile page that is appropriate and contains insight into you.
-    Posting family event pictures, appropriate photos of you with friends, etc.
-    Presenting education information.

All of the above are very simple things to do. You might wonder “why should I make my profile friend and personalized but appropriate?” The answer is simple. Potential employers may look at numbers, previous jobs, education and more to determine if you are right for the job, but you are a person. They want an idea as to how you might get along with others and the easiest source to see that? Facebook.

Of course there are negative ways that could harm potential employment. These include:
-    Posting inappropriate photos with excessive partying, etc.
-    Crude jokes and profanity on your wall.
-    Updating your status all the time.

The status updating is a huge red flag for potential employers. If they see that they may think all you do is sit at work and wait until your next facebook status update.

If you are careful with how you manage your facebook profile, it could help you land a job! But remember, there’s always a drawback and you must be careful.

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  1. I hope that people that don’t use facebook in a negative way agree with me that its a relevant means of communication inside the ever changing world of technology.

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