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College Packing List

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

 Going back to school is an exciting time, especially if it’s your first year of college. There’s the idea of attending a new school, meeting new people, taking new classes – overall it’s a whole new stage of your life.  Remember that your college packing list should definitely consist of more than just clothes and decorations for your dorm room. So why not be ready with your very own college school supplies checklist.

So being prepared for that stage is as important as anything, right? Exactly. Well, besides books, notebooks, and other miscellaneous college school supplies here’s a short list of technological devices that every college student either needs or doesn’t need.

TS-82775200Need: Computer/laptop
This may seem like a no-brainer, but believe it or not some fail to realize its necessity. Granted there are available computers at your campus’ library, but let’s face it, you need a personal computer. This is your best friend during college, no matter who you may meet during your stay. You’ll do everything from writing papers to doing research to killing time with your computer. Laptops are preferable since they are portable and can be taken to class for note taking and for productive reasons when you’re bidding time in-between classes. Definitely put Lap Top on your list of school supplies needed for college.

Although a laptop isn’t necessarily the end-all-be-all, they have more practicality for a college student than an actual desktop. The portability of a laptop is far more convenient especially with a growing number of colleges providing free wi-fi to its students.

Need: External Hard Drive
Regardless of the model, brand, etc. of laptop you have, your internal hard drives are known for prematurely dying, and seemingly, at the worst possible moments. You know, like during the middle of typing your term paper or preparing a presentation – convenient, right? Not exactly. With all the rigorous use of your laptop – being constantly toted around or exposed to high heat conditions – it’s not uncommon for hard drives to go kaput.

Buying a backup hard drive now will save you grief from the financial and emotional turmoil if your laptop’s hard drive crashes on you later. Just when you think it won’t happen to you is usually – you got it – when it actually happens to you.  So, let’s put external hard drive on out college supplies list.

Need: Flash drive
If your computer isn’t your best friend throughout your college career then you can bet that your flash drive will be. A flash drive is incredibly important for keeping all your files organized and together. Sure, you can email your information to yourself from various computers, but if you keep your flash drive on you at all times it makes bringing work to class, toting files to print out at the library, storing data to use in a computer lab, grabbing notes from a friend and all the rest so much easier.

Have a presentation that you need to display for the class? Put it on your flash drive and bring it to class. Gone are the days of the floppy-drive and CD-ROM. A new era of storing files and other data is here. A 2 GB flash drive or bigger is recommended. It’s better to have more space and not need it, than to not have enough space and need it. Not to mention, a hard drive with more space should last your entire college career.  Make sure a flash drive is on your college school supplies list every year.

Don’t need: printer
You might be thinking to yourself that a printer is a very important item of use during college. You’re right, it is. However, owning one and using one are completely different arguments. Buying a printer involves the initial cost of the printer itself, as well as maintaining it with frequent trips to the store for ink and toner.

Simply using the campus computer alleviates this unnecessary cost. As a student, many colleges offer free printing at their campus libraries. If there is a charge it’s usually very small or it only applies to color printing. Not buying a printer for college may not seem practical at first, but it will save you money and hassle in the long run.  If you remember your flash drive on your packing list, not having a printer is very easy in college.  So Printer does not need to be on your college supply checklist.

Don’t need: graphing calculator
This all depends on your major and/or what prerequisites you must take. If your major requires certain math classes like trigonometry or calculus then yes, you will definitely want to one of these puppies on your college supply list. If you’re an engineering student, you should probably just carry one of these around as if it was your wallet because you’re going to be using it and using it a lot.

However, if you’re major doesn’t require that you take any math or maybe not any advanced math courses, then you can easily bypass this expense since it will cost you nearly $100 for the standard model alone.  Putting a Graphing calculator on your college packing list is a question mark depending on what your major is.

Now as you have your college packing list ready, don’t forget to put on there besides clothes and a tooth brush, college dorm supplies, and all of your technology school supplies.
What else did you realize you needed for college that we have overlooked?

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Job hunting online with websites & blog comments

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The world doesn’t need more bloggers. In fact, reports that two blogs are created every second of every day. Ooops, it looks like we’re contributing to the deluge.

Our point? What the world really needs is more blog comments. How often have you read a blog, enjoyed what you read and noted that the blog had zero comments? That’s usually the case.

Blog writers pour their hearts, minds and souls into what they write. When someone flatters them with a comment, it makes their day. In most cases, when you’re leaving a comment, you have to also leave your name and email address. Plus, you may have the option to leave a web address.

Job hunting online

Bucking the trend from using they typical job hunting websites, we give a few other ideas you can try out. If you’re in the job market, the web address option on a blog comment is ideal for placing your LinkedIn address or web page link featuring your resume, bio, etc. The beauty is, you’re not touting yourself, you’re praising the blog writer all while job hunting online. There’s a very good chance the flattered blog writer will check out your link and you never know what can happen from there.

If you’re just entering technical school or using this site to discover your career interest, start following blog writers in your chosen field. Use RSS feeds or Google Alerts to follow them. Comments over time lead to connections that can benefit you throughout your career. Pretty impressive huh? You didn’t even have to visit one of those typical job hunting websites!

The world has enough blogs. What the world really needs is more blog comments. The right comment to the right blog while job hunting online could be your ticket to an exciting job.

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Veterinary Technician Schools

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Veterinarians are always in high demand, as people are always going to want to take care of their pets. Veterinary Technicians are an important part of these careers, and are a vital and necessary part of any professional Veterinary setting. Veterinary technical schools are going to be able to provide you with the education that you need to become the best Veterinary Technician possible.

There are plenty of different Veterinary Technician Schools available in every state, with more schools and more students coming to light each year. Our database provides you with the information that you need to learn about the different veterinary technician schools available to you.

Students attending any Veterinary Technicians program will find that they receive quick and informative hands-on experience. Students will get right into action, learning how to aid the Veterinarian with the work that they need completed. Students will learn how to perform many of the tasks that a normal veterinarian would perform.

Veterinary Technician school is perfect for those who are looking for continuing education. It provides the perfect career training for a new and exciting career. These schools can also offer training to those who have already been through Veterinary Technicians school, providing refreshers and updated information to keep them at the top of their profession.

There are plenty of jobs in this career field, with each providing professionals with opportunities for growth and expansion. Jobs generally include working with Veterinarians, but may include individual work at animal shelters or animal non-profit organizations.

Take a look around at the information that we provide for Veterinary Technician technical schools. You will be able to find out about the tuition rates, enrollment requirements, and class requirements for a wide variety of schools. This information should be able to help you to decide whether or not this is the right career choice for your future.

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