Job hunting online with websites & blog comments

The world doesn’t need more bloggers. In fact, reports that two blogs are created every second of every day. Ooops, it looks like we’re contributing to the deluge.

Our point? What the world really needs is more blog comments. How often have you read a blog, enjoyed what you read and noted that the blog had zero comments? That’s usually the case.

Blog writers pour their hearts, minds and souls into what they write. When someone flatters them with a comment, it makes their day. In most cases, when you’re leaving a comment, you have to also leave your name and email address. Plus, you may have the option to leave a web address.

Job hunting online

Bucking the trend from using they typical job hunting websites, we give a few other ideas you can try out. If you’re in the job market, the web address option on a blog comment is ideal for placing your LinkedIn address or web page link featuring your resume, bio, etc. The beauty is, you’re not touting yourself, you’re praising the blog writer all while job hunting online. There’s a very good chance the flattered blog writer will check out your link and you never know what can happen from there.

If you’re just entering technical school or using this site to discover your career interest, start following blog writers in your chosen field. Use RSS feeds or Google Alerts to follow them. Comments over time lead to connections that can benefit you throughout your career. Pretty impressive huh? You didn’t even have to visit one of those typical job hunting websites!

The world has enough blogs. What the world really needs is more blog comments. The right comment to the right blog while job hunting online could be your ticket to an exciting job.

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7 Responses to “Job hunting online with websites & blog comments”

  1. This is very interesting post for job hunting.
    thanks for sharing

  2. at your age you don’t have lots of things to put on your resume this time, but just make sure that you have format and put all of your accomplishments in your resume, as time goes by you will be having many things to put on as you gain more knowledge.

  3. I wasn’t knowledgeable of some of the facts that you described so I want to just say thanks a lot.

  4. Internet Job Gal says:

    Hopefully, the jobs market will start to improve. It certainly sucks not having any luck finding a job after working your ass off for a degree.

  5. Have you ever considered adding some video clips to your blog posts to keep the readers more enticed? I mean I just read through the full article of yours and it was pretty good but since I’m more of a visual learner, I find videos attractive. Maybe something to try out?

  6. online resume is really needed specially if you want to apply for IT jobs on the internet *,”

  7. James says:

    Its really needed specially if you want to apply for Job hunting.

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