NFL Player goes back to school at the University of Phoenix

Football players have to deal with stereotypes on a regular basis, especially those who have chosen to pursue professional football as a career. Hundreds of college football players will leave school early each and every year to work toward their dream of playing professional football. Most fail to realize the importance of finishing that education for their life after football.

Larry Fitzgerald is different; a successful professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals has realized that an education is incredibly important. Football players who want to manage their success and continue to be successful post-football are going to need that education. Like thousands of adults each and every year, Larry Fitzgerald has decided that he’s going back to school.

Fitzgerald chose to go to the University of Phoenix, a school that tailors its education to non-traditional students. Like many different technical schools, the University of Phoenix works to provide a focused and serious education to anyone looking to complete an education or start a new degree.

The press has taken hold of the story, fascinated by Fitzgerald’s decision to get back into school while he is playing football. For most players, this would simply be unheard of – the rigors and demands of professional football practically remove the ability to attend a regular university. Fitzgerald has found a loop-hole, however, using the at-home and flexible benefits of the University of Phoenix to his advantage. TS-78291316

As it turns out, Fitzgerald promised his mother, before she died, that he would work to get an education. He was a star college player in his freshman year, and was sure to leave college for the NFL before he finished his degree. His mother made him promise that he would follow through with an education. Larry Fitzgerald’s choice of the University of Phoenix is his promise to his mother, a promise that he would be prepared for the life that will come after football.

So what is the University of Phoenix, and how can it cater to professional athletes with busy schedules, like Larry Fitzgerald? The idea is simple – University of Phoenix makes it easy for busy adults to receive their education. The university provides both an online education and an actual brick-and-mortar school education. Students can choose to attend set classes with small class sizes, or to work online with flexible times and serious one-on-one educational help.

Anyone can do exactly what Larry Fitzgerald is doing right now. The University of Phoenix caters to all adults, whether they be professional sports players, stay-at-home parents, or career-oriented, full-time workers. The press has picked up on this story because of the volumes that it can speak to those around the country. Larry Fitzgerald has decided to pursue his education because he realizes the importance of a degree. If someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes football can manage to receive a quality education, anyone can. Learn about The University of Phoenix and how it exists to help all busy adults, including those like Larry Fitzgerald, to pursue a career that can and will shape their future.

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