Where do celebrities go to college

Where did those A-list celebrities you know and love go to school? Which celebrities actually have a college education? What about the talk show hosts? Music stars? Let’s find out on six popular celebrities.

David Letterman – Ball State University

This blogger knows firsthand as he graduated from the same school with the same degree as the reigning king of late night. One of Letterman’s professors said he started out as a good student but got steadily worse every year after that. A plaque at the entrance of the telecommunications department reads: “Dedicated to all the “C” students before and after me.”

Lady Gaga – New York University

As ruby on mtv.com wrote, “she is the most beautiful, stunning and talented individual.” Lady Gaga attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her major? Theater or music. Or maybe both.

Steve Jobs – Reed College

According to theapplemuseum.com, Steve Jobs attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon but dropped out after one semester to work in the family garage where he and Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computer.

Sean Combs (Diddy) – Howard University

Long before he was Diddy, Sean Combs attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. for two years. According to wikipedia.com, he majored in business administration but was quite the student entrepreneur. He ran an airport shuttle service, was a concert promoter and sold T-shirts and soda.

Mark Zuckerberg – Harvard

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, followed in the footsteps of Bill Gates. He was a Harvard dropout. Zuckerberg left to pursue his “Harvard thing”.


Ellen DeGeneres – University of New Orleans

DeGeneres, who gives commencement addresses to die for, never graduated from college. She was going to major in communication studies but left after one semester.

Now that you have heard a handful of some very famous people went to college (or attempted college), what will you do?  Will you follow in their footsteps? Have you ever seen someone famous on campus??

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  1. lol, i love lady gaga. She is stylish.

  2. bread maker says:

    lol, I like Gaga! She is so crazy!

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