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Help take a bite out of crime!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Nothing says to serve and protect like a talking dog in a trench coat. But back in the 1980s, McGruff the crime dog was literally the spokesperson….err, dog behind the anti-crime movement among teens and children. And although McGruff retired from the detective business several years ago, one thing hasn’t changed – the need for criminal justice.

As one of today’s leading career fields, criminal justice majors have several professional opportunities. Whether you’re looking to be a security guard, a police officer or part of homeland security, positions in the criminal justice field are plentiful and in high demand of suitable candidates.

If you’ve got the drive and the will to make your community a safer place to live, then consider getting your degree in criminal justice!

And, as a canine Sherlock Holmes once said, “Help take a bite out of crime!”

Check out McGruff in action in this 1980s throwback clip below:

Scholarships for Moms: Don’t Get Ripped Off

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

There are scholarships out there for moms, both single and married. The problem is that so many moms aren’t even aware of these opportunities or how to get them. Some are for specific schools and courses of study, and some are for courses and programs that you can choose, so you’re allowed to apply the money to advanced education at online schools, technical schools, career colleges and any institution that qualifies. That means you can get further education in the field you want, where you want.

First, avoid any type of organization that wants to help you find a scholarship for a fee. You don’t have to pay that money as you can do everything on your own. And some of those fee organizations are nothing but scams, so even if you pay the money you’ll end up with no scholarship.

Second, always check at the school or program you want to attend first to see what they have available. Some offer scholarships for moms and other individuals through their own processes. Take advantage of what you can, but be sure that the scholarship is for programs and courses that you really want or need. If you’re advancing your career, you’ll want to take only classes that will benefit you.TS-56472766

Finally, check with the federal government for Pell grants and scholarships you may qualify for. And find other scholarships for moms you can apply for on your own, like this scholarship from that can help you get started.

GED Information

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Don’t let a lack of a high school diploma affect your life in a negative way. All you need for a great future is your GED. A GED will help you qualify for higher-paying jobs and increase your odds of attending the college of your choice. More than 15 million people have a GED, and you can become one of them. What are you waiting for? Find out how to get your GED today.

What is a GED?

A General Educational Development, commonly referred to as a GED, is a certificate that is the equivalent of a high school diploma. Students are not eligible to take the GED test if they already have a high school diploma, and most states require you to be at least 16 years old before you are eligible for a GED.

This test, developed by the American Council on Education (ACE), tests individuals at or below the high school level for five different subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Language Arts. Most GED questions are multiple choice, but an essay is required for the Language Arts portion of the test. TS-86532936

How can I prepare for the GED?

Many students are intimidated by the GED, and with good reason: studies show that many graduating high school seniors do not pass the test. However, do not let the failure of others deter you from signing up to take the GED. Numerous GED study guides are available for purchase online, as well as in bookstores and libraries. You can also take practice tests free of charge on sites such as ACE, the organization that developed the GED.

Why should I get my GED?

A better question to ask yourself is why shouldn’t you? Your GED will open the door for increased employment opportunities and chances to advance your education. If you are interested in joining the military, it is important to have your GED. Passing the test will also boost your confidence and silence the critics who act like you aren’t doing anything constructive with your life. Achievement always feels good.

How do I get a GED?

Most GED tests are administered at local high schools and technical colleges. Contact an advisor at a college in your city to find out when and where to take your GED. You can also contact Job Corps or your local Department of Workforce Development for information regarding the GED. Many churches also have information about how to further your education and sign up for the GED.

Don’t put off getting your GED any longer. Your future is waiting, and it has some wonderful things in store for you. You deserve to be successful.

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Creative Ways to Find a Job

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Most of us remember the story about the enterprising young man who wore his resume on his T-shirt last summer in the hopes of finding a job. Others took that approach when all else seemed to fail, like Paul Nawrocki, a 59-year-old executive who was laid off from the toy industry, who decided to walk the streets of New York wearing a sandwich board that said “Almost Homeless.” While those tactics may work because they’re novel and they get widespread attention, there are a few less radical methods that can help you find a great job.

3 Creative Ways to Find a Job

  1. Build a website that features your resume, relevant education including advanced education and classes at technical schools or community colleges, or even work-related seminars and workshops. Be sure to highlight your skills and achievements. This will essentially be your paper resume, but online. Then put the link in the signature line of your email correspondence, and direct prospective employers to it when you email them.
  2. Use social media. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are some of the top social sites today where you can create a profile, highlight your professional qualifications and/or relevant experience and network with people in your field or the field you want to go into.
  3. Consider a career change. If no one’s hiring, look at courses offered at career colleges and learning a few new skills can open up opportunities for you in fields closely related to yours, and help you find that job.

Comment and let us know if you have some crazy creative ways to find a job and we’ll list them here too!

Massage Therapy – Your next job?

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Looking for an in-demand career that doesn’t require you to sit behind a desk all day?  Want to do something that allows you to interact with people and help them increase their well-being?  Maybe you should consider training to become a massage therapist!

Massage therapy once was thought of as a luxury only used by the rich and famous, or as a form of alternative medicine not really accepted in mainstream medical care.  However, new research and increased interest in the practice have not only given massage therapy new life, but made it an in-demand career field to go into. TS-78329513

Today, massage therapy is being used for much more than relaxation.  Doctors have found it provides relief to a number of ailments and they are recommending it to more and more of their patients.

Health Problems Massage Therapy Helps

•    Stress relief
•    Anxiety and depression
•    Back pain
•    Osteoarthritis
•    Headaches
•    Blood pressure control

With the increased use of massage therapy, there is an increased need for qualified massage therapists in a wide range of medical, spa and rehabilitation facilities.  The Massage Therapy career field provides a lot of flexibility with hours—some even choose to stay in their current career and work as a massage therapist part-time.

Another benefit of becoming a massage therapist?  The training often includes convenient class times and takes less than a year to complete! Talk about moving into your new job quickly!

So, if you’re looking for a new career path or for an enjoyable part-time job to add to your current career, you should take a look into the massage therapy programs and see when you can start your new career.  With the demand for massage therapy rising in a variety of businesses you could find a career that brings relaxation and well-being to your clients!

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