Making your own Wedding Cake

TS-76804690If you’re like me, you’ve watched the bevy of cake shows on TV — Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and so on — with awe. The creations of some of these baking masters seem to defy logic, not to mention gravity, so I am always surprised to see what they come up with. Now, I don’t have a fancy degree from one of the top culinary schools, so the prospect of TV-level baking is daunting. Still, though, I found myself wanting to try to bake something more impressive than a square cake out of the box. Then it hit me: I could make my own wedding cake!

If you want to make your own wedding cake, you needn’t shell out the money for one of the cooking schools on TV. I would recommend practice, though. Particularly if you’ve never made a multi-level cake before, you’re going to need some work before you can make a flawless wedding cake. Don’t despair, though: baking has to be among the most enjoyable arts to practice. Even if your early results are misshapen, ugly, or downright sad, they’ll still be tasty. Well, actually I should clarify: your results SHOULD be tasty. My accidentally egg-less cake was a bit of a flop (excuse the pun!).If you want to make your own wedding cake, too, I have a couple of suggestions. First, you have to learn the basics. There are several introductory baking or cake-making books that might be of use. Another option is to attend a baking class. My local technical schooloffers an introductory course to cake baking, which really helped me improve my skills. I also made some new friends and had a lot of fun, so it was an all around good experience.There are some pretty big differences between a typical cake and a wedding cake. If you’re really looking to impress, you’re going to need to use fondant. Fondant is easier to work with than other frostings in terms of decorating or elaborate sculptures. You can make your own, or else buy some from a bakery or craft store. I decided to make my own. After all, what’s the point of making a cake from scratch if you’re going to have someone else whip up the frosting? Anyway, fondant is particularly useful for making decorations like bows or flowers. These take practice to make, but cake decoration is a fun skill to have so the practice is well worth the time input.TS-82088886

You also need to think about structural supports when making a wedding cake with many layers. These layers can be heavy, and you don’t want your cake to collapse on the big day. Don’t get discouraged, though. This stuff isn’t too hard to learn, and once you learn it you’ll be well on your way to making your own wedding cake. Who knows, you may enjoy yourself so much that you’ll end up going to cooking school! Whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck. Happy baking!

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