Electricity Over Time

Most of us may think of the beginning of the relationship between people and electricity spawned when Benjamin Franklin conducted his infamous experiment. In fact, the human race began to catch on to electricity’s existence when they would catch a jolt from fish that were equipped with a “shocking” self-defense mechanism. Around the 17th century, advances in our understanding and harnessing the power of electricity began to take off.

By rubbing certain objects with cat hair, ancient cultures found that they could attract light things, such as feathers. It was recorded that static electricity was observed by Thales of Miletos around 600 BC. Until 1600, this was basically the height of our progress. William Gilbert, an English scientist, began advancement when he studied electricity and magnetism and started calling the science electricus; the New Latin term that would become the English words electricity and electric. Various other works took place through the years and in 1752 after many years of research, Benjamin Franklin tied a metal key to a kite and was able to show that lightening has an electrical nature. Bioelectricity was discovered by Luigi Galvani, who published his findings in 1791. Notable scientists make up a long list of people that contributed to the many studies and discoveries that have led us to electricity as we know it today.

Mastering electricity is may seem like as simple as flying a kite in a storm; however, it is far more complicated than that. Present day electricians must attend electrician schools to understand all of the complicity’s of understanding how electricity works, how to manage it, and become licensed. Electricians must train in several different areas of study. Precise requirements vary by state, so before an aspiring electrician sets out to research electrician schools, it will be necessary to learn what will be expected to complete training in their state. Generally, after a list of tasks has been completed, there will be an electricians licensing exam.

After all of the requirements of the state are fulfilled, one can legally work as an electrician in that state.

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