Different Types of Interview Styles

When applying for a job, the interview might seem like the toughest task ahead. But, if you are prepared, have done mock interviews, and have done the research on the company you are going in for the interview with, there should be no nerves walking into an interview for the prospective job. Employers use several different interview methods, and depending on the type, you must have different answers structured. For this reason, you want to practice all interview types, and prepare answers for each style interview, just so you will be prepared if the traditional interview is not thrown your way.

The most common interview type is the structured one on one interview. This is where you will meet with the interviewer (typically from HR), directly, and they will have a list of questions for the interviewee. It is pretty straight forward, and it will be the interviewer asking a question, and you responding to them. If you really want to impress the interviewer, you will have done research on the company, and you will be able to mix in personal experiences, and show them how you are able to mold into their corporation.

Another interview type is the phone interview. These are popular when companies are doing mass hirings, or for prospective candidates applying out of state (or city). These interviews eliminate interviewer bias, since they cannot see the interviewee. So, they will not see your hand gestures, facial expressions, mannerisms, or appearance, but, you still want to make the best first impression with your responses. These interviews also feature structured questions, so you will prepare in the same manner as the one on one interview. These phone interviews are somewhat of a screening interview, as you will ultimately have a face to face interview. So, if mass hiring is taking place, you must make sure that you stand out, and really offer the answers the interviewer wants to hear.

There are several other interview styles including panel and group interviews, which take place with larger amounts of applicants. And there are also on site interviews, which will take place after a screening interview (such as a phone interview, or a career fair interview which initially took place). No matter what kind of interview you are faced with, you must be prepared. At the end of the interview, you are going to want to ask questions, because this will show you are prepared. The last thing an interviewer wants to hear at the end of the interview, when they ask if you have questions, is a no. So, prepare, reserach the company, and dress to impress to make the best first impression.

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