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When you think 3D, what comes to mind? Probably not heating and air conditioning. But the craze that’s swept the nation isn’t limited just to the big screen. In January 2011, a company called QA Graphics developed a library full of 3D renderings of equipment from common, big-name product lines.

The idea is to have a more accurate model to reference when monitoring a facility’s mechanical equipment, and it works with building automation system software to provide more comprehensive cutaways with animation and detail. TS-E012398

Having this kind of detail in a building automation system helps temperature controllers, which tell the heating and cooling network what to do, to more accurately maintain standardized temperature levels. I know – sounds a little like artificial intelligence is taking over the world, right? But it helps in buildings that need to be temperature-controlled and in businesses where employees would otherwise be at war over the thermostats.

At first, the equipment library included more than 40 models of air compressors, boilers, cooling towers, air handling units, rooftop units, generators, pumps and more. In September, QA Graphics expanded it to include 11 more models of chillers, rooftop units, air handling units and electrical components. The company plans to continue expanding the model line to include water system equipment, fuel oil systems and more.

It’s an HVAC technician’s dream! Imagine being able to work in a field where you didn’t always have to take apart what you were working on to find what was wrong. With this software, it could be possible to just consult an animated model representation of the equipment and perform basic visual diagnostics. Maybe that’s not too far from reality with tools like this out there!

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    After reading your article post, now I understand how HVAC technician works. I really like this 3D concept for educating the HVAC control systems. Great Post!!!!

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