Career as a Court Reporter

If you are just starting off on your own or if you are looking to make a change in your life, a career as a court reporter may offer an exciting opportunity. Recording every second of a court proceeding is not just an interesting job, it is also an important civic duty. Court reporters tend to be detailed workers who enjoy listening to others and can accurately type the record of complicated trials and government and court proceedings.

Trained court reporters usually work in courts of all levels, from local municipal courts all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. Reporters also work outside of courthouses to record the important details of depositions and some government proceedings. Some court reporters are able to work from home or are able to work in different court houses. Because there are courts in almost every county in the United States, trained reporters can often choose the region in which they would like to work. TS-SO001506

Thanks to advances in technology, court reporters are also able to make important court records available in real-time. Immediate access to court transcripts is invaluable to judges and attorneys. In addition, real time court transcripts allow deaf and hard-of-hearing American to participate in the justice system in ways that were not possible ten years ago.

Experienced court reporters can make their own schedules or pick up extra work on a freelance basis. Attorneys, unions, corporations, and business groups often hire trained reporters to record the important details of their proceedings. Court reporters help assure that there is an accurate record of some of the most fascinating moments in American history. Because of great court reporters, every citizen can keep up-to-date with the trials and proceedings that impact them the most.

Court reporting is a career which offers great opportunities for dedicated individuals. Some court reporters even choose to move into the private industry, working as broadcast captioners for television stations and providing services to hearing-impaired people. Professionally trained reporters get to see and hear something new every day. Court reporting can be a fast-paced career for bright, engaged individuals.

If you want to learn more about becoming a court reporter, request information from a court reporting school near you!

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