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Most jobs with relatively decent salaries typically require higher education. Employer’s are looking for employee’s who meet their qualifications for the specific position. Gaining the appropriate knowledge will help put you on a solid footing for obtaining a position. Here are a few degree areas that tend to be in-demand right now.


The healthcare industry is holding the top position for employment opportunities. Due to the industry’s working schedule of 24/7, the demand for medical professional nursing has increased.


Information technology comes in second with projections of career demands, working with a variety of media from internet to telecommunications. The change in how business is being conducted today, leading the charge for network systems and data communication analysts, integrating software and hardware devices.


Technical knowledge with business managerial skills combined with a degree in engineering will typically lead to a better salary. Research, product development and planning are dependent on this type of education and experience.


Accounting is leading the financial world in entry to mid-level positions for job opportunities. Higher level finance positions will slow down over the coming years, although still in demand and competition with be fierce.


Marketing is critical to every business, opening the realm for marketing and communication degree graduates. The company’s branding, pricing and promotion avenues are tied to this strategic position, which is why they require higher education. 

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