What People Think I Do: Massage Therapist

If  you are a massage therapist, you’re probably aware of some of the ideas other people have about your profession. While your friends may think you  hang out on the beach all day in Bora Bora, Fiji or some other exotic location, your family may think you joined the ranks of hippy and spend your day meditating. Even some doctors don’t fully understand the health benefits of massage therapy and may look at the profession as a pseudo tribal practice.

What others don’t know about massage therapy is many of the required courses at massage therapy schools focus on medical and health related topics such as anatomy, physiology, wellness & nutrition, pathology and kinetic anatomy. You gain an understanding of how muscle strain can affect the mood, comfort and health of each client  and can then help relieve pressure and tension in a natural way that doesn’t require bottles of aspirin or ibuprofen.

If you are a massage therapist or an aspiring massage therapist, be sure to let others know what massage therapists really do by sharing this image. You can also search for massage therapy schools now to get started training for your new career.

What People Think I Do Massage Therapist Meme

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