What People Think I Do Electrician Meme

Think everyone knows what an electrician does? Think again! This What People Think I Do: Electrician meme helps shed some light on some of the crazy ideas people have about the electrician profession. As an electrician, your friends may see you as a living Benjamin Franklin, pushing the envelope when testing his theories about electricity. Your parents may think you are in dire danger of getting electrocuted every single day. Your clients may think you do little work for all of the money they have to fork over. Whatever the case, as an electrician or an aspiring electrician, you know the profession a little bit better. Enjoy this fun What People Think I Do: Electrician meme.

For aspiring electricians, you can search for electrician schools near you to get started training for your career as an electrician.

Grab the code below the image to embed this What People Think I Do: Electrician meme into your website or use the social buttons to share!

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