LG coming out with thin and flexible alternative to an e-reader


LG coming out with thin and flexible alternative to an e-reader

Your iPad was expensive, but it’s one of the best purchases you’ve made in a long time. You can’t imagine life without it, so you clean its screen daily and even bought a padded case to store it in. One day, you put it down to answer the phone, your kid got a hold of it, and now your iPad screen has a nice big crack.

Tablet computers and e-readers can do wonders for your life, but you may have a few concerns about using helpful, but fragile, pieces of expensive technology.

Well, the solution you’ve been waiting for may be just around the corner, as electronics company LG recently announced plans to mass produce the world’s first plastic electronic paper display (EPD). Basically, LG’s product is a bendable thin piece of plastic on which people can read content.

Now, when your kid thinks your device would make the perfect base for his or her building blocks, you can just sit back and take a deep breath. Similarly, anybody who was always afraid their device would get crushed inside their backpack can just slide their EPD in between their books and relax.

LG is designing the product for the e-book market, which the company expects the device to revolutionize. At 6", the EPD is smaller than an iPad but larger than a smartphone. Based on a series of drop tests, the device is very durable and shouldn’t shatter when dropped from people’s average reading height.

If you’re give this product a try at home or in technical training schools, you’re going to have to wait a while. The EPD will first be released in Europe this May.

Do you tend to suffer from bad luck when it comes to fragile electronics? Would you purchase LG’s EPD? Let us know in the comment space below.

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