Manufacturing sector growth could mean employment boom


Manufacturing sector growth could mean employment boom

People all over America have taken a beating by the economy in the past few years. While this is great for the media, it’s hardly welcome news for hard-working men and women trying to raise families and find work. However, according to Mike Collins, author of Saving American Manufacturing, the future could be much more promising.

Image problems

Collins wrote in a blog post for that although there’s plenty of jobs in the manufacturing sector, companies are still struggling to find skilled workers to fill them. Why? Because of an image problem.

“The single biggest problem is that American manufacturing has a bad image,” Collins wrote. “Many students and citizens still see manufacturing as a world of dirty, dark, sweatshops offering long hours and low pay. Students use adjectives like boring, repetitious and dangerous to describe their pre-conceived notion of manufacturing work.”

While Collins may be on to something about how manufacturing jobs are perceived, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. He added that investing in the promotion of skilled jobs to young people should be a priority for the government if the country’s manufacturing industry is to get back on its feet. With renewed interest in skilled labor, job vacancies will become even more prevalent, helping people just like you get back to work doing something you love.

Something that doesn’t get as much press as the lack of skilled workers is the kind of money you can expect to earn as a welder, electrical engineer or fabricator. Some companies are willing to pay well for skilled workers who can get the job done. Does this sound like you? If so, signing up for a welding training program or going to electrician schools could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Investing in the future

Sure, there’s a lot of work ahead of the U.S. manufacturing industry before things return to the way they were, but that doesn’t mean that American companies aren’t investing in the future.

According to IndustryWeek, Ford recently added 1,800 vacancies for skilled workers at its Louisville, Kentucky-based manufacturing plant. Not only will this create jobs for local people and strengthen the state’s economy, it’ll also help restore some faith in the industry.

“Today marks a celebration of progress and transformation,” said Mark Fields, president of Ford’s Americas division, as quoted by the news source. “Louisville Assembly Plant’s reinvention illustrates how Ford is going further, continuing to invest in American manufacturing and new jobs while delivering even more of the fuel-efficient vehicles that give customers true power of choice.”

Ford has created more than 5,200 jobs across the country this year alone, and plans to add an additional 1,300 at the Louisville plant by the end of the year. Officials at the company said that flexible manufacturing techniques are crucial to their long-term growth strategy as consumer buying habits change. Ford has made a commitment to creating 12,000 jobs in the U.S. by 2015, and it looks like it’s well on the way to meeting this ambitious goal.

You can’t build cars – or much of anything else, for that matter – without skilled workers. Not only does Ford’s investment in the American workforce make a statement about renewed economic confidence, it also means big employment opportunities for people finishing courses at technical training schools.

Are you thinking of looking for work in the automotive or manufacturing sector when you finish your program? Let us know in the comment space below.

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