2 perks of becoming a welder

Sure, you could get a desk job in an office and stare at a computer from 9 to 5. Or, you can spend your days sending sparks flying while wearing cool shades or a mask as a professional welder.

Now, of course, those cool shades and helmet – with their protective lenses – are for your own good, and those sparks will not be flying all over the place. While safety is always a welder’s top priority, there’s no denying that this is a pretty exciting profession. Still need convincing before you enroll in technical schools and pursue welding training? Here are just two perks of becoming a welder:

You’ll have very useful skills

Once you complete your training, you’ll have knowledge and skills that more than a few industries have a need for. Just think about all the things welding make possible. Everything from skyscrapers to automobiles relies on welders to fuse girders and parts together. So maybe one year you’re applying your skills to a job in the manufacturing field and the next, you’re doing repair work. Either way, when you’re a welder, you’ve usually got the flexibility to move around.

You’ll be in high demand

Employers won’t be the only ones in need of your skills. As soon as friends, family and neighbors hear about the time you spent in technical training schools, you and your talents could become pretty popular. Maybe someone’s got a pipe in need of welding, or another person’s got a project that could use a little fusing. Either way, you could be just the right person for the job. You may even be inspired enough to consider starting a business to address other people’s welding needs.

So what do you think? Are there any other perks to completing a welding training program and entering this field that you can think of? If there are, let us know in the comment space below.

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