Microsoft and Alabama Department of Education Team Up

Microsoft has teamed up with the Alabama Department of Education to offer a technology academy to high school students. Students can develop skills to help them succeed at college and in future careers. The Microsoft IT Academy has been successful in other states, and now comes to Alabama.

Alabama’s Governor, Robert Bentley believes this program will encourage workforce growth. High school graduates with technological certifications can bring their new skills to local businesses. The Microsoft IT Academy brings the latest programs and technology to students.

The program is known as Microsoft IT Academy. Students will have the ability to become certified in various Microsoft applications. Every high school in Alabama will soon offer the program. Students will get unprecedented access to technology and education.

The program is taught through e-learning, designated software and internet-based courses. Students will be able to complete a variety of technical courses, and earn professional certifications. Advocates for the program are hopeful for its success. Students will get the opportunity to graduate from high school with professional credentials. College bound students will have an advantage when they begin the fall semester. Many universities even test new students for computer proficiency.

The Microsoft IT Academy gives students a great way to get interested in learning. Students have tangible incentives for attending the academy. They can attain professional certifications. Many supporters believe this program will encourage learning. The idea of brining real-world credentials into the classroom is exciting. Students may take a more active role in their education if they can see the direct benefits. Students can do more than just prepare for college, they can learn valuable skills. Microsoft is an industry-leader, and used almost everywhere. Students take their credentials with them after high school graduation.

Participating schools get access to many different Microsoft learning programs. There is a Microsoft IT Academy website for members. There are over 1,500 online courses. Students will be especially interested in the programs teaching about game development, simulations and videos. Beginning students can take advantage of the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum. There is also a large e-reference library. Finally, students will be able to take advantage of DreamSpark. DreamSpark allows students and teachers in science and mathematics departments to use advanced developer tools and platforms, not usually available.

Students participating in the Microsoft IT Academy will have the latest technology at their fingertips. College-bound students will appreciate the advantage gained in their future endeavors. High school graduates going directly into the workforce will have professional credentials and training.

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