Top Paying Careers in Accounting and Finance

In today’s economy and fast-paced World, associates’s degrees are not only an affordable means for people to obtain advanced skills in a certain area, they are also quick to acquire and invaluable resources for entry into many occupations. In addition, these degrees come in a variety of specialities, and one of the best of them is the accounting and finance concentration. Programs for the Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Degree are offered by many vocational schools, colleges, and universities both on-campus and online. It is through those courses that students of this degree program master the skills that are essential for them to earn the best opportunities for desirable salaries as professionals.

The 5 Best Careers for Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Professionals

  1. Auditing Clerks: Auditing Clerks obtain strong skills in the areas of mathematics, analysis, and computer applications. They are responsible for maintaining accurate financial records for businesses. Auditing Clerks that have earned at least an Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Degree possess earning potentials of up to $52,470 per year.
  2. Bookkeepers: Bookkeepers are essential to businesses, companies, financial institutions, and schools of all types. These professionals possess excellent computer, writing, and organizational skills. Their main responsibilities include: keeping track of a company’s gains and losses, managing a company’s accounts payable and receivable, and producing financial reports. The most successful Bookkeepers possess at least an Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Degree, and they earn up to $51,470 per year.
  3. Brokerage Clerks: In financial institutions, businesses, and investment agencies, Brokerage Clerks are responsible for the purchase, sale, and maintenance of securities. Their duties include: writing orders for stocks; managing transactions for stocks; overseeing the delivery and acceptance of securities; determining equity; and keeping a daily record of transactions, dividends, and share holdings. Overall, the majority of career opportunities in this occupation exist in the states of California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Most Brokerage Clerks possess at least an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, and they earn between $27,870 and $61,970 per year.
  4. Credit Checkers: Credit Checkers work for financial institutions, credit card companies, and lending offices in towns and cities everywhere. Most of these professionals obtain at least an Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Degree, and their main roles include: running credit checks for credit card and loan applicants, conducting interviews with credit card and loan applicants, and overseeing the processing requirements for loan and credit card applications. On average, Credit Checkers earn between $23,160 and $52,810 per year.
  5. Payroll Clerks: In almost any company or business that possesses employees, Payroll Clerks play an important role. These individuals are in charge of managing the time cards, paychecks, and payroll processes for a company and its employees. Payroll Clerks who obtain an Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Degree enjoy annual salaries of up to $54,580 in this occupation.

Fortunate for people who possess a 2-year degree in the field of accounting and finance, there is an array of occupations through which success can be acquired. With satisfying salaries of between $20,000 and $70,000 per year in an industry that is expected to grow by 14% over the next several years, there is no doubt that jobs as Brokerage and Accounting Clerks will be available in excess everywhere. Aside from excellent career outlooks, individuals who possess an Associate’s in Accounting and Finance Degree from an accredited institution also acquire earning potentials that are easily enhanced through time, skills mastering, and reputabilities in the accounting and finance professions.


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