5 Of The Top Automotive and Diesel Repair

These days, there are several careers in which someone with an associate’s degree can come out ahead and get a good paying job. One of these career fields that should be in high demand over the next few years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a career in automotive and diesel repair.

Associate’s degrees that lead to jobs in Automotive and Diesel Repair can be found at several of the colleges and vocational education centers all over the U.S. or elsewhere. Here is some information on the top five paying careers in the field of automotive and diesel repair:

Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics

The Automotive Service Technician and mechanic diagnoses, adjusts, repairs, and/or overhauls automobiles and other vehicles. They usually do work such as testing parts, making sure systems in the vehicle work properly, use computers to figure out mechanical issues, do tests on and lubricate engines and other components, do oil changes and other basic maintenance, take apart and put together components, and do other vehicle repair work as needed.

They on average make about $18.54 an hour and have a median salary of $38,560.

Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendants

Persons working in this job will know how to provide services for cars and trucks such as lubrication of parts, changing the oil, putting in antifreeze, replacing worn parts such as belts or new light bulbs, repair tires, and other related work. This job pays an average of $10.33 an hour and has a median salary of about $21,480 a year.

Automotive Body and Related Repairers

Persons holding this job do various kinds of repair work such as refinishing the body on vehicles or straightening and repairing car or truck frames. This body work is high-paying and the average rate per hour is $19.99 and the median annual salary is $41,570 according to BLS data.

Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics

People who work as a diesel technician and mechanic make an average of $40,850 per year and $19.94 an hour. They are skilled in inspecting, repairing, overhauling and related work on vehicles such as trucks, buses or cars that run on diesel fuel. They are trained in skills such as diagnosing problems, interpreting test results, using hydraulic gear such as jacks, inspection of brakes, transmissions, and other engine components, do maintenance items like oil changes, battery checks and lubrication of parts, as well as do test drives, and take apart and reassemble parts.

Automotive Body and Glass Repairers

The persons working in this area of auto repair make an average salary of $37,580 per year and an average of $18.07 per hour. Automotive body and glass repairers have skills in refinishing and replacing the bodies on cars and trucks, as well as putting n new windows, windshields, and other components.

It is considered to be a demanding position where one will be exposed to things like dust or fumes from oil and paints. Long hours are common in this line of work and the job outlook is good, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and expected to rise by 19 percent by 2020.

All in all, working in the field of automotive and diesel repair is hard, demanding physical work and it takes someone who doesn’t mind working long hours. But this job field is in good demand for the next several years and while some may require an associate’s degree in order to make a higher salary, many can be learned on the job or by attending a vocational school.

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