Career Prospects in Graphic Design

Careers in graphic design and digital marketing are exploding at a surprising rate. Individuals looking to jump start their career in this exciting field can easily obtain the right education by attending an accredited two year technical or associates program. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are expected to grow around 13% by 2020.

Graphic Designers are highly trained artists who help businesses and organizes conceptualize, design and layout a variety of branding logos and marketing communication materials. Graphic Designers become trained in a variety of skills that make them marketable to small to large employers such as: color theory, HTML, user experience principles, and brand identity creation. Graphic Designers can often be trained to work in a variety of roles such as: Web Design and Maintenance, Art Direction, Set and Exihibit Design, and Fine Arts.

Graphic Designers – are often employed by small and large businesses, organizations and marketing agencies to layout and design a variety of visual concepts for brand identity and marketing. These individuals are skilled visual artists that are familiar with creating logos and graphics for marketing and promotional materials. Graphic Designs can expect to make $43,000.

Webmasters – exclusively focus on the layout and design of websites for businesses and organization. Although they might be familiar with programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript and PHP – they mainly tackle the design, feel and experience of a company’s website by using a variety of design tools and content management systems such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Flash, Firework, etc. Millions of people are employed either freelance or working in-house. Entry-Level Web Designers can expect to make $73,000.

Art Directors – manage a team of designers and artists to successfully layout, create and execute advertising and marketing campaigns. Art Directors usually have years of experience working either as graphic designers or production artists. Art Directors can expect to make $80,000.

Set Designers – are employed usually by movie, theater and television production companies to come up with the visual layout for exhibits and sets. These individuals work closely with movie and television directors and often work multiple jobs. Set Designers can expect to make on average $46,000.

Fine Artists – usually work as illustrators, graphic artists,and cartoonists. They create original works of art and often employed by organizations to work on creating visual concepts for advertising and marketing campaigns. Individuals in this field can expect to make on average $43,000 a year.

There are a variety of options to explore when you are looking for your next job in graphic design. Opportunities are bountiful.

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