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Technical schools can prepare you for a career working with smartphones

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Technical schools can prepare you for a career working with smartphones

If you own a smartphone, you understand what impact this handy device has had on everyday life. Gone are the days when you have to sit in front of a computer screen to send an email or view a website. Whether you have an Apple or Android smartphone, you’ve got a way to connect with people around the world, right in the palm of your hand.

Does your fascination with the smartphone go beyond its ability to make video calls or hold a variety of engaging mobile apps? Maybe you have some ideas that would make this souped-up cellphone even more amazing. Whether you want to create some new features or dream up new and exciting apps, technical schools can help you launch a career doing just that.

Now is the perfect time

As if you couldn’t tell just by walking down the street, smartphones are very popular right now. In fact, just look at data that was compiled by, a web app design and development company, at the beginning of the year and you’ll see just how big of a role these devices play in people’s everyday lives. In the U.S. alone, 91.4 million individuals own a smartphone. In 2011, 69% of smartphone owners were using apps they downloaded, and this figure only continues to grow.

Turn to school to learn the basics

So what do you need in order to develop smartphones and new apps? Consider seeing which technical training schools have programs in topics like software programming and applications or information technology. Over the course of your studies, you may receive a crash course in everything from programming languages and algorithms to computer applications and other knowledge you need to thrive as a software developer.

Good job prospects

Thanks to the popularity of mobile technology, the need for software developers is on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for professionals in this field are expected to increase by 30% between now and 2020.

Does the idea of being paid to work with smartphones sound appealing to you? If so, tell us why in the comment space below.

Learn about cybersecurity before becoming your own boss

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Learn about cybersecurity before becoming your own boss

Have you ever hired an electrician and admired the fact that they’re their own boss? Maybe you regularly take your lawnmower to a local small engine repair shop and think to yourself, “I can do that.” If this is the case, you might just possess the entrepreneurial spirit that’s present in many of the country’s most successful business owners.

Whether you decide to take gunsmithing courses and open your own shop or enroll in photography schools to gain the expertise necessary to take pictures for hire, there’s a good chance you’ll turn to the internet to get the word out on the types of services you offer. These days, being online isn’t an option so much as a necessity. Word of mouth will only get your business so far. If you really want to grow your customer base, you’re going to need a website or Facebook page.

However, with a presence on the internet comes a need for cybersecurity. While you may still be thinking about the type of technical schools you might enroll in, it’s never too early to start learning about the world of cybercrime and how you can protect your future small business from it.

What’s cybersecurity and why do you need it?

Cybersecurity is pretty serious stuff. In fact, it’s so serious that President Barack Obama said, “America’s economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity,” according to The White House’s website.

Essentially, cybersecurity protects computers, networks and anything else related to cyberspace. Without it, organizations are susceptible to cyberattacks and vulnerable to what are known as cybercriminals. If you think anything that happens online is nowhere near as bad as physical theft, you may be in for a surprise.

How bad can cybercrime get?

Really bad. Anyone in need of proof just has to look at Lloyd Keilson’s New York small business, Lifestyle Forms and Displays Inc., a mannequin maker and importer. According to The Wall Street Journal, it took cyberthieves just a couple of hours to wipe out $1.2 million from the company’s bank accounts.

“Small businesses feel like they’re immune from cybercrime, and they’re wrong,” Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Michigan-based privacy think tank, the Ponemon Institute, told the news source. “They are absolutely on the list of potential targets of cybercriminals.”

What can be done to prevent cybercrime?

If you’d prefer not to have your business’ Facebook page or website hacked, you’re going to have to remain vigilant. Aside from that, there are things you can do on a regular basis that’ll provide you with a little extra security.

According to the Post Bulletin, it helps to not only create strong passwords, but change them every now and then as well. Once you’re in your inbox or looking at comments on your Facebook wall, practice extra caution. Not every link or attachment you receive is as friendly as it seems, so be careful and avoid falling into a trap.

If you’re using computers for your business, make sure all your software is up to date – especially anything that provides protection against viruses and other cyberthreats. Despite all your efforts, there may be an occasion when a cyber scoundrel sneaks past your defenses and does some damage to important information. That’s why it’s important to back up everything you have so if need be, you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

So now that you know a little more about cybersecurity, you can get back to searching for the technical training schools that will best prepare you for your future career. If you’re committed to becoming your own boss down the road, you may also want to see if there are any programs that touch on cybersecurity.

What’s your take on cybercrime? Does it influence the way in which you view the internet? Let us know in the comment space below.

Top 10 Online Colleges

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Thinking of taking online classes? Check out these top 10 online colleges and universities

Online education seems to be all the rage these days. Why not, right? You get the same credibility of a regular degree and you have the convenience to study when and where you want. It’s really a pretty awesome gig. So how do you know which online schools offer the best online programs? Or, which online schools are legit? Well, if these are your burning questions then check out this list of America’s top 10 online colleges and universities and take your pick. TS-78489240

1. University of Phoenix Online
Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix boasts an eBook library, a commitment to environmental sustainability practices and a strong presence on every social network. The University of Phoenix has truly emerged as a 21st-century school keeping up-to-date with its students. Learn More about University of Phoenix.

2. Kaplan University Online
A popular college prep institution, Kaplan University is also a college in and of itself with great online programs. Utilizing active peer discussion boards, a commitment to professor/student communication and novel practices like web-based “field trips” and interactive tutorials. On top of it all, Kaplan allows students easy access to knowledgeable advisors and an extensive resource library. Learn more about Kaplan University.

3. DeVry University Online
Established in Chicago in 1931, DeVry University offers a broad list of career-focused degrees at an accelerated rate for students looking to move onto a new or better career quickly. They also wield a whopping 90% job placement rate. Learn more about DeVry University.

4. Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology (MBA program)
Offering a multitude of notable majors ranging from journalism to MBA options, Ellis also offers great benefits to current and retired military personnel.

5. Baker College Online
Based in Michigan, Baker College offers a life-changing education at an affordable price. Presenting students with exceptional undergraduate programs in the fields of business and science, Baker reinforces a “right-to-try” standard: no one is turned down for a bad test score, mistakes or gaps after completing high school.

6. ITT Technical Institute Online
Get stellar education in many of today’s fastest-growing occupations, such as electronics, web development, computer technology, criminal justice, business and the health sciences. Better yet, get the training you need online, anytime. Learn more about ITT Online.

7. Keller Graduate School of Management Online
Want to get your Master’s degree from a school that has your best interests in mind? Take your career to the next level with the credentials that Keller can give you. Learn more about Keller Graduate School of Management.

8. Westwood College
Offering more than 25 diploma, associate, bachelor’s and master’s programs in a slew of fields, Westwood College has helped nearly 24,000 graduates transform their lives through their education. Get what you need here – online through their audio/video technology, real hard-copy text books and more. They even have a retaining alumni program so graduates can keep in touch of new developments and updated practices in their chosen field. Learn more about Westwood College Online.

9. Capella University Online
In almost 20 years, Capella has raised through the ranks of strictly online education through its outstanding graduate degree programs in addition to its degrees at every level. Students are encouraged to keep great connections with faculty and their peers through class discussions, assignment postings and faculty and peer reviews.

10. Anthem College Online
Looking for accredited, career-centered diplomas and degrees in today’s top fields? Then consider Anthem College Online. Whether you’re a seeking a new career or wanting to take your current one further, Anthem can help you find your calling. Learn more about Anthem College Online.

Looking for other great online schools that that just missed the list? Check out the following:
•    Walden University
•    Colorado Technical University Online
•    American InterContinental University Online
•    Argosy University Online
•    Herzing College Online

*This list is comprised of the Online Education Database’s findings in 2006.

Technical Schools and How to Search

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Technical Schools

Need help searching for some place to start over? Hate your job? Need a job?  Look for specialized training in only the area you are interested in.  Become a chef, a medical assistant, a massage therapist,  a vet tech, mechanic.  Get a degree in art, fashion, business management, computer repair.  There are so many things you could be doing right now and a technical school could help you get there.  Take a look at some technical schools and see if they might be just what you have been looking for!

Incoming search terms for the article:

Cold Career Prospects? Hot Jobs With Low Requirements

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

It doesn’t always take a Bachelor’s degree and a huge student loan plan to land a job that puts you in demand. Here’s some careers that are in fields that need qualified people now, that you can train for in just months.

Don’t worry – hurry! You can get a new and exciting direction with great earning power quicker than you think!

The Continuing Expansion of Health Care

Even with retirees coming back on the job for specialized positions like Practical Nursing, there is still room for almost anyone coming out of training with a certification.

Some of the jobs that require less training don’t pay spectacular salaries, but they do offer a steady, recession-proof earning plan for those who need it to pay bills and mortgages.

According to the American Society for Clinical Pathology, half of all laboratories and medical facilities in the U.S. struggle to hire qualified technicians. Lack of awareness of the profession is a key factor in the shortage of applicants for these “under the radar” jobs, but salaries and prospects are expected to continue rising.

Physician assistant

Two-year training program, and at least two years of college; license exam

    • Salary: $62,000

X-ray diagnostic technician

Associate’s degree, or 1-year certificate in diagnostic radiography

    • Salary: $48,170

Pharmacy technician

Short-term certification coursework in chemistry, biology, and statistics; state certification and license tests required

    • Salary: $28,000

Manufacturing Job Shift

The U.S. manufacturing industry is restructuring, but during this shift there are some booming job prospects for those with a specialized technical background.

Lower-skilled positions are going away, but highly skilled jobs in manufacturing are in great demand now, and require only vocational training and an apprenticeship.

Although the number of jobs in these fields is projected to decline slightly over the next seven years, skilled professionals will have excellent opportunities, according to the BLS. That’s due to the limited number of people entering training programs and employers’ difficulty in finding workers with the necessary skills and knowledge.

CAD Drafter or CNC programmer

Two-year degree at a technical or career college, or vocational degree work and apprenticeship

    • CAD Drafter Salary: $43,700
    • CNC Programmer Salary: $44,000

Financial Services Still Forging Ahead

Even amid the industry shakeout, financial analysts and financial planners still have plenty of opportunities. The same goes for Accounting school graduates, who can literally find a position anywhere that a business and customer exchange money that needs to be recorded.

CPA‘s with Bachelor’s degrees will definitely find the most prospects and better salaries, but in accounting, the name of the game is experience. Getting a quick 9-month to 24-month certification of associate degree could get you in on the ground floor of many different areas of the financial industry.

Financial analysts are employed by a variety of industries. However, you may want to consider self-employment, as the salary is higher than incorporated employees.

Accounting (CPA)

Associate degree for entry-level work, Bachelor’s degree in finance for CPA stature

    • CPA Salary $56,000
    • Accountant Salary $38,000

Financial analyst

Bachelor’s degree in finance preferred, but not required

    • Incorporated Financial Analyst Salary: $48,000
    • Self-employed Financial Analyst Salary: $63,000
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