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What is a Lodging Manager (Hotel Manager)?

Monday, May 21st, 2012

When people travel, whether it is for business or pleasure, they have certain expectations regarding the quality and value of their accommodations. It is the responsibility of the lodging manager to ensure these expectations are met. This position requires a range of skills necessary to meet the demands of travelers as well as satisfying property owner and corporate investor expectations. The lodging manager will be required to understand front-end client concerns and back-end business management activities to be effective in this industry.

Front-end Client Concerns

Individual travelers are not concerned about a hotel’s bottom-line. They do not consider what it takes to maintain large-scale professionally managed hotel accommodations. When traveling, people have an agenda for their trip and expect the hotel they have selected to assist and not hinder their activities.

First and foremost, travelers expect professionalism during their hotel experience. The front desk is the face of the operation and should be capable of handling traveler’s arrangements without difficulty. A bad first impression can allow small issues to develop into larger problems. Proper booking, billing, and room amenities based on the clients arranged specifications are a must. The lodging manager will be required to ensure these demands are met for each and every client the hotel receives. In smaller operations, this may be a personal responsibility of the manager or he or she may be in charge of the placement of qualified individuals to handle these activities. When a staff member fails, the lodging manager will be required to remedy the problems that arise.

Customer service and cleanliness are also great concerns for travelers. They will expect the public areas of the hotel and their individual room to be free of clutter and well-kept. They will expect every staff member to be polite and courteous during their stay. The lodging manager is responsible for oversight into these matters guaranteeing every guest’s experience meets their expectation. This is a service industry position, and even when they are not, the customer is always right.

Back-end Business Management Activities

Management activities will vary depending upon the size and type of facility, but every lodging manager will have someone he or she answers to. A solid understanding of human resource management, marketing, financial management, food-service operation and public relations is necessary. Property owners and corporate investors will want to know how well each of these areas is performing and where improvements can be made or financial losses reduced. This will require the lodging manager to create reports and submit recommendations or reviews covering a variety of concerns.

Again, professionalism is of great concern. The successful lodging manager must be able to systematically organize every aspect of a hotels day-to-day operation so that efficiency can produce maximum results for owners and investors. The lodging manager is the captain of the ship, and if it sinks, the manager sinks as well.

A lodging manager is a unique position that requires a solid foundation in back-end business function combined with front-end client services. Well-rounded individuals who can handle the stress of ensuring performance while maintaining a friendly face for the public will do well in this industry. The variety of responsibilities necessary allows lodging managers to perform many different activities during the course of their day, and this leads to a rewarding career opportunity.

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Weapons of Hollywood

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Why do we watch movies? It’s quite simple, really. We watch movies to be amazed. To be taken away from our day-to-date life and brought into a world of excitement and adventure. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are Hollywood’s best weapons.

Here is the list of what we think are the best weapons of Hollywood:

Noisy Cricket – Men in Black
Lightsaber – The Star Wars Saga
The Golden Gun – The Man with the Golden Gun
Smith and Wesson Model 29 – Dirty Harry
Chainsaw – Various Films
Rail Gun - Eraser
Bowler Hat – Oddjob
M16 with M203 Grenade Launcher – Scarface
Bow and Arrow – Various Films

If you are interested in the art of making weapons, learn more about gunsmithing schools.

Guns and Weapons of Hollywood Infograph

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Gunsmithing School Advice from a Gunsmithing Student

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

This video features a gunsmithing student discussing schools and what he has learned at gunsmith school so far. He also demonstrates some of his acquired skills.

I had a question about gunsmithing, and about some gunsmithing colleges, and trying to show some of the gunsmithing. So I thought I’d try to cover it all cause I don’t know it there’s enough material to cover it all. What I’m doing here is, remember from some of the other videos, I left this two and a half thousandths higher than here so I can file finish it and polish it out. So that’s what I’m doing now. The reason you color it with red marker is that you know where you are filing versus where you’re not filing. The reason I’m showing this is, this is what a lot of gunsmithing is, just spending time filing. I’ve spent hours filing since I got here. I’ve only been here this semester and I’m finishing my second semester, so two semesters total.

But, you’ve got to be real careful, only take off from the outside and you only have two and a half thousandths to play with. I like doing it here, you can do it off of there but, the reason this is good you can make it flush. This is my gun and I like it to be flush. You can touch a little bit because you’re going to be polishing this out anyway but, you don’t want to touch too much. You don’t want to be touching the other part, the end of the barrel, if you can help it. Travis had asked about gunsmithing schools and you’re right about one thing, there isn’t that much information on the internet about gunsmithing schools. I’m from New York City, so they don’t even like guns out there. In fact, if I see some good propaganda posters, when I’m back home on break, I will do some videos on them. But, they have anti-gun posters, and they’re all paid for by tax dollars, so how does that work?

So in New York it was really hard to find info. The reason I found this place is I’m training at this junior college. I looked at a lot of forums and seemed like to me, from what people were saying is that this was the place I need to be at, and so far I found that to be the case. I’m biased of course cause I’m here but, if I didn’t like it it wouldn’t be a great experience cause you’re spending a lot of hours just working. As you can see, magic marker is your friend, when it comes to filing. You know, this is slow, but you don’t want to mess up right here so, you take your time. Take a little bit off at a time. I got, one of my instructors said, “dude you don’t have to do everything like you’re going to NASA, “ but, if you can make it look good, and don’t get me wrong, he does excellent work. He’s just saying do it a little faster cause if you want to make any money at it, you got to do it quick.

But, this is my first one, so I don’t mind taking my time. It’s hard finding information on schools, so I found this place. One of the things I looked for, actually a couple of things I looked for, one of the things I looked for was do they teach you machining skills? Cause if they don’t teach you machining skills, you have to buy all the parts. For this gun, you get to make the barrel, I mean you don’t make the barrel. This is actually a Douglas barrel, a target rifle barrel, and three way split, cut into three pieces. So that’s what this is, this is a match grade barrel, I guess, it’s a nice barrel. It’s a target barrel. The underlug was just some scrap square stock we had downstairs in the tool room. You cut that out and put the radius in. Those are two things you would have to buy pre-bought I guess if you didn’t know how to machine it.

The top, we could have machined it, but I guess time constraint wise, it was hard enough just getting this stuff done in time. In order to get to that point, and I’m only second semester, so there’s guys who got more experience than I do, but, you need to make a bunch of tools. You already saw the lapping tool I made. Bunch of mandrels, you got these things. This was done on a machine, on a lathe, this part, and this was cut out on a mill, which I still have to kind of clean it up, but it will work as a functioning tool. This is for next semester stock making. The tapping center, this was one piece of bar with another piece of bar that slides inside. There’s two pieces, this was all done on a lathe. That’s one of the things I looked for, is it gonna teach me machine skills?

Another thing I looked for too, which kind of helped I guess is if schools are affiliated with NRA programs? This school is as well so I figured the NRA would only pick schools where they have the right equipment or what not. So those are the two things that I looked at. But, like I said, I really like it here and I think this year in the shot show they’re going to have a display, so if you’re going to be at the shot show, you can go check us out…

I’ve heard good things about this school versus other schools and I really like it here. In terms of Lassen, specifically, I did look at Lassen and they did have a machine program, but for me, what tilted it to here is that Callifornia has really restrictive gun laws. So while the school might be cool with it and they might have certain things that I want to learn or make, I just wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so. That’s another reason I didn’t pick Lassen. If I’m going to [unclear] I’m going to go somewhere you can do anything you want to, pretty much to the limits of what you can learn in gunsmithing. Also, the instructors here are pretty great. You guys can look that up. I’m not trying to steer you here. This isn’t a commercial for Trinidad State Community College. I’m a student here and I don’t get anything for it, but I like it here. I hope that was helpful, but there are a couple different factors. Colorado, as far as gun laws go, is pretty good. At least I’ve found that to be the case.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to this. This is what you can look forward to when you come to gunsmithing school — a lot of filing. Look at my fingers. This one’s cut and this one’s bleeding. You literally file til your fingers bleed. But, really, how else are you going to learn to do precision work later. You’ve got to do a lot of it here while you’re a student and not later when your reputation is on the line and people are paying you and you aren’t delivering good work. You’d rather [learn to] do the good work here and make the mistakes here, while you have good teachers around to teach you stuff. You’ve gotta love it, cause I think there are some kids that [saw] the Sons of Guns [show on The Discovery Channel] and came here. And, you know, Sons of Guns, that’s gunsmithing, but that’s just one aspect of it and this kind of stuff you don’t do on tactical weapons. So, yeah, just kind of know what you’re getting into before you come in.

In terms of money, I don’t know how well I’m going to do when I get out of here, but that’s OK. I’m doing it because I enjoy it. I felt like it was something I was kind of meant to do. Anyway, if you have any more questions, I hope I answered them. I’m going to be up all night doing this, cause this is due tomorrow and there is still quite a bit of work to be done on it.

How much time do I have? In two minutes I will show you real quick. Bevel these. These are gonna have a bevel on them. Gotta put a bevel all around here, same thing with the file. Bevel in here, make it look nice. Gotta polish all the edges inside here — and polish the whole thing. I also have a screw here. Luckily I had a screw that fit. It’s not exactly the right length, so I’m gonna take it down to length. Otherwise, I would have had to make a new screw, it’s not hard, but would take a couple hours to do — at least an hour. That’s another thing. If you learn how to machine, you can make your own screws if you have screws you can’t find anywhere.

If you have anymore questions… Again, I’ll show the rifle, er, the revolver now… Anyway, that’s it.

Top 10 Worst College Majors for Employment

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

While many talk about the unemployment rate for laborers and workers, the recession has impacted the job market for everyone. While a college education used to guarantee a great job, there are several majors that have less than shining employment numbers in this economy.

Unemployment Rate: 19.5%
Average Salary: $72,000*

Unemployment Rate: 16.2%
Average Salary: $53,000*

Unemployment Rate: 15.1%
Average Salary: $57,000*

Unemployment Rate: 15.0%
Average Salary: $56,000*

Unemployment Rate: 10.9%
Average Salary: $56,000*

Unemployment Rate: 10.9%
Average Salary: Not available

Unemployment Rate: 10.6%
Average Salary: $78,000*

Unemployment Rate: 10.4%
Average Salary: $114,000*

Unemployment Rate: 10.3%
Average Salary: $86,000*

Unemployment Rate: 10.2%
Average Salary: $58,000*

archteciture-majorThere are some clear trends between the occupations here. For starters, they are all relatively high paying. All of them have average salaries higher than the average American wage, and one is in the six digits range. This sounds really appealing as a job choice, but the issue with high salary jobs is that everyone else thinks it is a good idea as well, resulting in tons of people with the same major and not enough jobs for them out in that particular field. The result? Higher than average unemployment for these majors. This means that individuals looking for job security in the future need to carefully evaluate their career plan and how their major helps them get there. If you decide to major in a field with high unemployment, you’re going to need to work extremely hard to stand out and have a chance at a job. library-science-major

Another possibility is to learn a trade or skill that can result in a high paying job. Mechanics, electricians, welders, and other tradesmen possess specialized skills that are in hot demand. Furthermore, technical training is often much cheaper and shorter than a college degree. Very few college majors result in safe, high paying jobs without further schooling or experience in the field. Technical training, however, is a comprehensive training program that receives little attention compared to the college route.

You should look at your talents, abilities, preferences, and make a balanced decision about your future before settling on anything.

*All career, education, and average salary information is based on information published by the Wall Street Journal. The data was originally from Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Learn Gunsmithing Just Like Sons of Guns

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Learning how to be a gunsmith is gaining more interest thanks to television shows like, “Sons of Guns.” Will Hayden and his crew show that gunsmithing is a valuable hobby, a fascinating profession and a lot of fun. Watching this show makes many wonder researching popular gunsmith schools is a brilliant idea.

Becoming gunsmiths like Hayden and his crew requires some education and savvy business sense. Attending a gunsmith school is one step on the road to become a successful gunsmith. During attendance of gunsmith courses, a student will learn a variety of skills necessary for licensure.

A gunsmith is going to have a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of a gunsmith’s responsibilities, and specialize in a specific part of the design of guns. “Sons of Guns” has a team of people who specialize in different talents such as being a technical or forensic firearms expert.

Attending such gunsmithing schools is not the only choice to become a gunsmith. Some people receive their training and experience in the military. All of the branches offer some training and jobs to aid in the education of a gunsmith.

Landing an apprenticeship with a licensed gunsmith is another way to gain knowledge and opportunity to become a gunsmith. Putting in hours helping out around the shop may pay off in the long run. Make sure to have basic machinist skills before asking to be an apprentice.

The National Rifle Association can give a prospective student a taste of what the trade is like by offering classes. If a community college does offer a NRA course, than be quick to enroll because classes quickly fill up. These classes are short, and their intention is to give their students a taste of what gunsmithing is about.

Attending a gunsmith school or going to classes is also necessary because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives closely governs a gunsmith’s business. There are many laws that gunsmiths must follow, and proper education will prepare a student to follow those laws.

A gunsmith holds a lot of responsibility in their hands because of the safety precautions that have to be made with the creation and assembly of guns. Gunsmiths must complete all jobs with precision and care to ensure no failures.

Will Hayden and his crew have spread the gunsmithing fever during the last three seasons of, “Sons of Guns.” If this fever has turned into a full-blown obsession, than becoming a licensed gunsmith may be a proper career choice. Check into local gunsmithing schools today to see how soon they are enrolling for classes.

Request information from the following gunsmithing schools today!

Penn Foster Resource FormAshworth Resource Form

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