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The refurbishment, modification, and finishing of portable firearms is the core of the gunsmithing trade. For any individuals with a love for rebuilding and repairing this type of weaponry, pursuing a gunsmithing education might be an excellent step toward a fulfilling career.

Gunsmithing blends together the disparate crafts of carpenters, mechanics, artisans, and metal workers. Characteristically detail oriented, experts must also gain mastery of chemistry, ballistics, and mathematics related to the craft. State and federal laws related to firearms must also be thoroughly understood by master gunsmiths.

Traditional methods of training involve civilian and military apprenticeships. Alternatively, community colleges and vocational schools also provide instruction. Regardless of where training is obtained, employment of their students is the mission of each program. Entry-level positions with law enforcement, the military, or local gun shops are the typical options for employment. To support this mission, a core foundation involving parts and functions, adjustments, fabrications, and design is provided. Supplemental classes include polishing and bluing, levers, and metallurgy.

In answer to past legal and safety incidents, background checks have become a standard procedure before determining enrollment. Additionally, equipment and tools are provided by the students themselves. Because of the inherent danger and unique training, gunsmithing classes are conducted in workshop environments.

Gunsmithing Career Outlook in Florida

The economy of Florida took a particularly harsh hit during the recession. This turmoil was almost single-handedly the result of an oversized reliance on its real estate industries. At the collapse of the housing bubble, the Sunshine State began an arduous climb toward recovery. 2011 saw its first positive turnaround which has continued to present day. This momentum is poised to increase in 2013 due to the mending of real estate sectors.

Still, there is no doubt that the trade will to struggle for the near future. Master gunsmiths should be able to maintain steady work. Those gainfully employed should expect salaries near $48,000/yr, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For up-and-coming tradesmen, competition will only increase.

For anyone seeking a job in these tumultuous times an optimistic attitude is essential. The gunsmith industry is making slow but steady progress. With patience, a healthy mix of training, doggedness, and desire can shape itself into a long and fulfilling career.

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Penn Foster GunsmithingAshworth Gunsmithing

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