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The individual who loves animals and may find it rewarding to work with them daily might be interested in being a veterinary technician or technologist. Veterinary technicians usually hold two-year or associate degrees in veterinary medical technology or a similar field. Veterinary technologists care for animals or assist veterinarians in the medical care of animals.

Those who earn these degrees and live in Georgia have several options for work. Holders of this degree qualifies the graduate to work in veterinarian's offices, zoos, colleges where animal research is conducted, and tourist attractions featuring animals exhibits. There are also opportunities to work with state, local and federal agencies that provide services such as animal control and agricultural services related to animals.

The courses taken by a candidate for a two-year veterinary degree cover the following subject matter: animal diseases, animal nutrition, anatomy and physiology, parasitology, radiology, pharmacology, and procedures for working with animals. Veterinary degree students at this level also take courses in office management since this will be one of their primary duties.

Career Opportunities & Compensation in Georgia

Students in two-year programs get plenty of opportunities to interact with animals prior to entering the workforce because in addition to studying about animals they serve as the animals' primary caretakers. Those working in the veterinary medicine field can expect to be assigned some of the following duties: restrain animals and prepare them for examination, obtain specimens for laboratory testing, assisting with surgeries, taking radiographs, performing dental care such as teeth cleaning, and talking with pet owners regarding proper care and medication administration.

Veterinary technicians may be certified or registered in the states where they work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),in 2010 the median annual pay for a veterinary technician was $29,710 per year. Those with more experience and located in areas where the need is greater will earn more. This is a field that is expected to grow faster than some others, so job opportunities will be available for those who are interested in this field.  

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When getting a Georgia veterinary technician license, you can be sure you are preparing for a great career as a Georgia veterinary tech.  Make sure you have completed your coursework at a Georgia vet tech college to ensure you are able to qualify for a Georgia veterinary technician license.  Technical Schools Guide is here to help you start your career as a Georgia vet tech starting with the proper veterinary tech training.  The vet tech colleges above are 2-year vet tech colleges, 4-year vet tech colleges, and veterinary technical colleges.  These vet tech colleges will ensure that you start your new career as a Georgia veterinary technician off right!  Technical Schools Guide wishes you luck in your Veterinary technician school search!                                                                     

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