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Accounting has and continues to be the “language of business”. The extraordinary expansion this industry has seen in recent history is only projected to continue through 2013 and beyond. Individuals seeking a new career that have a true passion for math and numbers may find that accounting is the perfect solution to their search. Enrolling in one of the many vocational institutions in the nation could be a sensible first step into this exciting field. 

The programs available in these vocational establishments are intended to provide the basics necessary to survive in this demanding industry. In general, high school diplomas are required for entry but GEDs are also accepted. Courses completed prior to enrolling will often be proven through a request for official transcripts. 

Vocational curriculums require typically 15-42 credits. A few of these programs can be finished a little over one semester. The overall emphasis for these studies encompasses payroll, tax accounting, and accounting applications. A deeper search into course loads highlights training in financial accounting, taxation, data processing, and document production. High values are also placed on credit transferring abilities into associate’s degree programs.

Career Opportunities & Compensation in Pennsylvania

Completing these vocational schools will delivers new graduates fully prepared for entry-level work. Healthcare, manufacturing, banking, financial establishments and the government are the biggest suppliers of entry-level positions. A junior auditing and accounting clerk, two typical entry-level positions, earn median incomes of $36,120 (BLS). Budget accountants and auditors are example of jobs available.

Supported by many important business sectors, including health and service industries, the state of Pennsylvania’s economy is experiencing truly incredible growth. They are projected to weather any coming financial hardships better than most in the nation for the coming year and beyond. As an added benefit, the state has positioned itself to be a leader in new energy developments. All of this combines to give new accounting graduates a boost when searching for work. Competition will be strong, but opportunities will be plenty for those with tenacity. 

Vocational education is a smart step into the field of accounting and finance. With diligence, there are no limits to the success new graduates may find in this stimulating and evolving field..

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