Tennessee Gunsmithing Technical Schools:

For anyone with an affinity for the repair or construction of firearms, gunsmithing might be an excellent career path. Emphasizing transportable guns and gear, the profession is often mistakenly associated with armorers, whose specialty is the daily maintenance of weapons with a lack of true repair work. Gunsmith training involves restoration of firearms to factory conditions, customizing to new specifications, and renovating metal finishes onto a firearm.

Truly, the trade combines the skills artisans, metalworker, master carpenters, and expert mechanics. Along with a high regard for detail and accuracy, these professionals must also master chemistry and ballistics as well as craft mathematics. Stringent knowledge of numerous state and federal legal regulations is also required of master gunsmiths.

Military training or apprenticeships are the typical way gunsmithing knowledge is passed on, however vocational and community colleges have become increasingly popular methods for acquiring necessary training. Vocational programs in the field are constructed to prime students for entry-level positions. Participants are instructed in firearm fabrication, parts, techniques on adjustments, methods of repair, and design. A few programs provide schooling in prototyping and manufacturing. Typical classes offered include metal fusion, levers and hinges, accessory installation, bolt action, metallurgy, barrel chambering, bluing and polishing, and stockmaking.

Because of legal and safety considerations, most vocational programs dealing with firearms require a criminal background check prior to enrollment. Several schools require tools to be provided by students themselves to avoid liability. Additionally, classes are held in workshop environments due to the unique nature of the training.


Gunsmitthing Career Outlook in Tennessee

Despite the recent recession the state of Tennessee has endured remarkably well compared to the rest of the nation. The economic momentum generated is projected to continue well into 2013 largely due to the state’s strength in manufacturing and healthcare. Still, employment outlooks for gunsmiths are slightly declining, leaving only the highly trained and most reputed to expect steady work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for gunsmiths is $48,807 with a 14% growth rate, falling just shy of the national average. For recent graduates the best opportunities are found with military, law enforcement, sporting equipment stores, and locally operated gun shops. Even though the industry has taken a hit, there are still ample opportunities for success with the profession. With enough training, the skill and artistry of gunsmithing can provide years of satisfaction for those with a true passion for the repair and overhaul of firearms.

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-The Technical Schools Guide staff. To contact us, click here.

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